Black Balsam Knob

In our normal fashion we depart our house at around 12. Grabbing lunch off the highway, we make our way up to North Carolina. I've been going further north lately and this time is particularly exciting because this time I'm bringing Kelly along. I've been seeing these insanely amazing views without her lately and it's finally time I bring her with me! Little did I know this was going to be one of the most epic locations I've ever been to. It was simply magical. We made our way up to the top in great weather. Then departed to the 2nd bald along this trail. After the sun set we witnessed some tents being pitched up last second. We, however, wouldn't be putting up a tent. We slept in my car, quite comfortably I might add. We overheard some other hikers talking about their bear spotting reminding us that we're really out in wilderness in this area. Almost 6,600ft. in elevation too. The weather from being so high was really nice. Almost a little too cold for my tastes but it hovered in the low 60s in the parking lot and was 55F at the peaks with strong winds. The next morning we drove and hiked back up to the peak of black balsam all whilst being completely covered in fog and we waited for over an hour for it to maybe subside and the sun peak out. We barely made it to the peak just in time for the sun to come up. So completely missing the good light of the sunrise we decided to head down back to the car and just drive further north along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Because you can never go wrong with the parkway! Later that day we decided to drive on up to Asheville, NC and have a little exploration around town and chow on some amazing food. Heading home late in the day concluded our 2-day adventure together. Couldn't imagine a better weekend.