Sunrise in Atlanta

5:30am leaving athens headed to Atlanta with David Choe to meet up with Maggie McNew. Starting around the ferris wheel next to centennial park and wondering around after that. Turned out to be an awesome day, even though there was complete cloud cover. Maggie was a great model. Shooting in the city like this is something that is definitely not the norm for me. I'm glad that I broke away from the norm and shot some in the city!

Bell Mountain



Clayton and secret locations

Didn't think we'd have time to go anywhere this weekend but all of a sudden the time opened up and on a whim we chose to go and visit the Wander North Georgia store in Clayton, GA. Wander North Georgia is a cool group of people that put together a website and built this community of people who love to explore all over Georgia. They are some of the most wonderful people. Their site has some insight and recommendations for hiking, camping, eating, and places to visit all over Georgia. After hanging around the store for a bit they told us about this spot that is a few minutes drive away and we went there to chill out and enjoy some nature. Here are some images that came out of that.

Asheville, NC

For my birthday weekend (23) I decided to take a bunch of friends and get a VRBO cabin in the woods up in one of my favorite places I've been to, Asheville! This trip was full of just aimlessly exploring, getting lost, getting snowed on, and views on views on views.