Big Cedar Mountain

With the water levels low and fires happening farther north. Looking for a hike with a view I found this one online. Summit view and a short almost 2 miles was a bonus.It sounded perfect but the weather turned out badly. It didn't rain or anything but it was overcast and grey the whole day. If I was doing headshots or close up shots of anything this would be great. If there was some fog or snow or something else unique about the day then it would have been better. So I ended up with the best shots I could but I still didn't get as many as I would have had it not been an overcast day. I do however want to come back to this location though. I can see its popularity.


The next day was also uneventful. I did however find a train as I was driving down the highway. Here are some images from that as I ran ahead of it and posed as it went by.