The past week or two has been filled with great sunsets after sunsets. If it wasn't raining that is. Here are my collection of those along with a day spent adventuring with a friend and her beautiful Husky.

That day of adventure started with the plans to car camp somewhere in the North GA Mountains. After finding a place we noticed it was suppose to rain the entire time. So we found a place a little farther north in South Carolina where it was suppose to be a little less rain. Closer to the actual day it was looking like there was also going to be 100% rain 100% of the time. So the day of leaving we decide to scrap camping but just head to South Carolina hike until dark and head back. After riding for a short time my friend has some unexpected things happen making us head back into home base. The first image here is a place we stopped at on the way back that looked like a tree farm. Took a cool image of my car as I looked back to it. In that image it had just started to drizzle. As we drove further into this place we came across some 1800's style cabins and what looked like a small town of them. It was as if we had driven into the past. At the end was a more modern house with some people outside, at this moment we realized the road we were on was actually someones drive-way. We turned around quickly and got out of there. After dealing with the unexpected things we decided to check out Athens a little more before heading south. I've been to this park many times but this time I went for some different angles for a fresh approach. I think I achieved my goals. Heading out of there we went south to a park that I had never heard of. Hard Labor Creek. It was a beautiful little stretch of protected land with a lake and a large campground. Passing over an interesting bridge. We got out and explored around and ended the day with chilling next to the lake watching the sunset. With all of our plans failed we still managed to have a 10/10 day.