Pine Log Creek Trail & Quarry

Starting the day off a little later than expected we had unknowingly set ourselves up for a bad time. The drive was long and the parking lot was almost full. Once we finally got on the trail it was really nice and had lots of nice colors. The first big bridge was really cool but didn't have any water underneath it from drought. Hiking on we crossed so many small bridges that I lost count, which was cool! Once we got to the quarry at the end the light was fading fast. The quarry itself was unimpressive actually. There was so much green algae and no good ways of going around to the big rocks. During the Summer I bet this location would be great! The sun faded over the Mountain and we soon found ourselves hiking in the dark. This normally isn't a big deal but for some reason we just felt like bears were close by and all we had was a flashlight. We made it out alive though and maybe we'll come back in the Summer!